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You Are Worth More Than A Swipe


At Bracket Dating we know that meeting someone new has basically turned into a boring part-time job, but we want to change that.

Bracket is a tournament based dating app that has created a fun, sexy, and quick way for you to find a date. Everyday Bracket will search high and low to bring you 16 awesome matches based on your preferences. You will then narrow the matches down by playing rounds of head to head eliminations until a winner is crowned. Your daily winner will be notified that they are so amazing you eliminated everyone else in your Bracket to talk to them, simultaneously unlocking a chat.

Here at Bracket Dating we love our single friends and want to make the crazy dating world a little better. Help us end mindless zombie swiping and start making meaningful matches. Our goal is to get you off all the apps (yes, including ours) and on a date! Its worth a try isn’t it?



Who doesn’t like fun? We do. That’s why we have turned finding a date into a game.


No longer will a dater be bogged down by 100s of pseudo matches and generic messages. You will only receive notifications from those who are truly interested in you. Hello?! That guy just eliminated 19 other girls for the opportunity to talk to you! How awesome is that?!


Swiping through 100’s of profiles is daunting and time consuming. Bracket gets you in, matched and (hopefully) out on a date!


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