10 Signs You’re Settling In Your Relationship

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-Jessica Johnston-

Some people thrive when it comes to single life, but there are also those who have a constant longing for someone to share their life with. Often times, it’s those people who end up settling for a mediocre relationship because they are just sick and tired of waiting for Mr. Right to come along. If you’re experiencing any of these 10 things in your relationship, then it could be a sign that you’re settling for someone rather than embracing the single life.

  1. He has never made your heart skip a beat. The feeling is a hard thing to explain; It’s kind of like getting butterflies, but also kind of feels like your heart is going to pop out of your chest. But if you’ve never looked at him and had your heart do some weird unexplainable movements, then it could be a sign you’re settling for someone you don’t feel any passion with.

  1. Dates don’t excite you. You should be jumping up and down at the thought of going on a date with your man. Whether it’s a romantic dinner date or just a stroll around town, if going out together does nothing but make you yawn, then there’s a good chance you’re not all that interested in him. A date with the right person is romantic, fun, and doesn’t make you wish you were anywhere else.

  2. When he talks about the future, you change the subject or somehow reject his ideas. For example:
    Him: “I’d love to go to Italy with you someday.”
    You: “I don’t go on airplanes.”

    If you find yourself deflecting the conversation away from any future talk, then you’re either not ready to be in a relationship, or in a relationship with the wrong guy. The right guy will have you googling flights to Italy right then and there.

  1. When you’re not with him, you rarely think about him. If you’re head over heels for a guy, you think about him at all moments of the day: when you wake up, when you make breakfast, when you’re driving to work, when you’re supposed to be doing something super important at work. It’s a constant 24/7 daydream about him, and if this has never happened with the guy you’re seeing, then there’s very clearly something wrong there.

  1. You don’t want to spend every waking minute with him. Yeah, you might be the type of person who needs their personal space, but if at the beginning of the relationship you don’t feel the desire to see him every single day, then you’re likely settling for a mediocre relationship. Hold out for the guy who makes you never want to be apart again, because that is the relationship that will be life-changing.

  2. When he says lovey-dovey type things, it doesn’t have any effect on you. When my boyfriend first called me “darling”, I practically melted into a puddle of love on the floor. Now, some of us don’t like pet names (me typically being one of those girls), but when the right guy says those things to you, it does something weird to you.

  3. You feel no need to introduce him to your friends or family. If you’re hiding the fact that you’re in a relationship, that’s either a sign that A. You’re not interested in him long-term, or B. You’re embarrassed of him. If it’s either of those two things, then it could be a sign that you need to cut the cord on the relationship.

  4. You feel uncomfortable when he professes his feelings to you, and you have no desire to respond. He’s sitting there all doe-eyed. telling you how he’s never felt like this with a girl before, and you’re cringing on the inside.

  1. You don’t talk about him to other people. Usually when you start seeing someone, you bring his name up at every single opportunity. You want to tell the whole world about him. You tell your friends, your mom, your coworkers, and you somehow manage to tie him into every conversation with strangers, because everyone wants to hear about the new guy in your life, right?? No? Oh well, they get to hear about him anyways. If you’re not talking about him, then it’s highly likely you don’t see him as a long-term partner.

  2. You never feel vulnerable or afraid to lose him. Being in a relationship should naturally make you feel just a little bit vulnerable. Even if you’re the strongest, most confident woman in the entire world, if you’ve found a guy who you really, genuinely like and can see a future with, then it makes you feel vulnerable. If you’ve never had this feeling or have been afraid of the thought of losing him, it could mean you’re not 100% about the relationship.


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