7 New Dating Rules To Follow For A Happier Life

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-Jessica Johnston –

Dating can be draining, especially if you’ve been stuck living the single life for way longer than desired. When you’re first single, you’re in the mindset that The One is just around the corner. You’re flirting with everything that moves, you’re single and ready to mingle, and you feel like maybe, just maybe, your next date could be your last. Date after date, however, those high hopes and positivity get thrown right out the window and you start wondering if you’ll ever find love. Getting out of this mindset is easier said than done, but these are the 7 new dating rules you should be following to have a happier, healthier life (and love life!).

  1. Make whatever moves you want
    Throw the old rules out the window and make a move whenever you want to make a move. If you want to have the cute guy on the subway notice you, then go over there and strike up a conversation. Don’t just sit there making googly eyes at him waiting for him to make that brief, fleeting eye contact. If you want something, then make it known and go after it like a drunk girl goes after free pizza.

  2. Have faith in the process
    It’s way too easy to get down in the dumps after a failed first date, especially if it’s becoming a common theme for you these days. No matter how many dates end in disaster, you need to remember that all the failures are leading you one step closer to The One. You have to meet a lot of frogs before your prince, so keep your chin up!

  3. Look at the glass half full
    Negativity has a way of slowly creeping up on you if you’ve been single far too long. You start thinking that you’ll be alone forever, surrounded by your 13 cats and a whole lotta’ loneliness. STOP THINKING LIKE THAT. You’re not going to die alone. You’re not going to have 13 cats (unless, like me, you want that many furballs around). And you’re not going to spend eternity drowning in loneliness and wine.

    If you’re feeling the negativity creep in, just take a breath and look at the positives of single life: you get to be wined and dined by new men every once in awhile, you don’t have to share your bed with anyone, and you can wear those comfy granny panties whenever you want!

  4. Don’t compare him to your exes
    This is a dating crime we all commit at some point. Just because your ex was a lying two-timing douche-face doesn’t mean the new guy in your life is going to be the same! Once you stop assuming that all guys are alike, you’ll surprise yourself with how much happier and healthier your relationships will be.

  5. Quit hiding how you feel
    You are not a robot. You should never tell yourself to hide your feelings away in the fear of coming on too strong. If you’re excited about a guy and he’s swept you off your feet, then what’s the point in hiding it? You feel like rainbows are about to shoot out of your face, so keeping that contained is damn near impossible. If a guy is turned off that you’re that excited to be dating him, then you really should rethink whether he’s even worth your time and excitement anyways.

  6. Take chances on new dating apps
    Online dating has a negative stigma attached to it these days. Since the swiping method was introduced, it’s created an online dating apocalypse where daters think that the next best thing is always just one swipe away. Despite this stigma, dating apps still do create meaningful matches every single day if you’re using them the right way. You just need to take a chance (*hint hint* maybe on an app like Bracket), and you’ll soon find that there are still great guys out there in the vast world of online dating!

  7. Have more fun being single
    Embrace the single life and all it has to offer. Go out dancing with your friends. Take a singles cooking class. Go flirt with the guy you’ve been swooning over all year at the gym. Getting yourself out there may may be easier said than done if you’ve become so used to being alone, but you’ll have much more fun when you’re not dwelling on your singleness. Being lonely is soul-sucking, so it’s time you have some fun being single again.

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