Are Your Online Dating Habits Killing Your Chances At Love?

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-Jessica Johnston-

Everyone has heard the phrase, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression,” and that phrase especially applies to online dating. A first impression can make or break a connection when it comes to your matches. If you’re wondering why you don’t seem to have any luck in the world of online dating, it could come down to your own dating habits. Read on to find out how you might be killing your chances at finding love in the online dating world.

Not making a move quick enough
You are not there to have a pen pal, so why have you been talking to him for 2 weeks straight without any mention of a date? There’s no rule that says the guy has to make the first move – and after all, some guys are super shy – so if you want to meet him IRL, then make a freakin move already! Worst case scenario is that he doesn’t actually want to meet up, so in that case, at least you won’t be wasting your time with the back-and-forth messaging any longer and you can focus your energy on those guys who do want to take the next step!

Having a boring profile
Your profile should be unique. It should outshine all the others and basically force him to acknowledge what an awesome chick you are. It should not, under any circumstances, be blasé. A fun way to spice up your profile is to tell a story. If you’re adventurous, tell a story about something you’ve done that’s jaw-dropping. Rather than writing something generic like “my friends would describe me as adventurous,” doesn’t it sound better to write about that time you swam with Great White Sharks in South Africa? It doesn’t have to be a story, but whatever you do decide to include in your bio, just make sure it differentiates you from the other thousands of profiles out there.

Being too picky
With hundreds upon thousands of men at your fingertips online, you probably think you can afford to be picky, right? WRONG. Your pickiness is likely leaving you with unrealistic expectations of your perfect match and you could be bypassing great guys on the reg. If you’re saying no to anyone who doesn’t look like a male model, have a chiseled oiled six-pack at all times of the day, and who doesn’t make six figures a year, then you need to reevaluate your love requirements. Say yes more, and you might just surprise yourself with the great guys you meet!

Posting terrible photos
Photos will make or break your profile. After all, initial attraction is important right? But some online daters struggle hardest with this simple aspect of their profile. You should be showing off at least 3-4 quality photos of yourself; not group photos, not scenery photos, not photos of your Chihuahua in his Halloween costume last year, but photos of YOU. And make sure they are clear, current photos, because then there will be no need to worry about the ever-so-awkward phrase, “you look different from your photos”… *cringe!*

Airing your dirty laundry
Try not to delve into your deepest darkest secrets when messaging a new guy online. He doesn’t need to know about your crazy ex, your ongoing fight with your mom, the guy you were hooking up with last month who ghosted you, etc. It’s great to be an open book, but when it comes to online dating and those initial messages, it’s important to keep the conversation light and fun rather than unleashing all your dirty laundry on him. It doesn’t mean you can’t tell him about that stuff eventually, but timing is key, and laying it all out there too soon may end up scaring him off.

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