How much does it cost?

Free! Bracket Dating wants every single person to have fun playing with the app so every dater gets one free bracket per day. If you are just having too much fun and want more there are two paid in-app options. A single additional bracket can be purchased for $0.99 (one-time purchase) or for a $4.99 monthly subscription fee, users can have two brackets per day, no time barriers and the opportunity to chat with the top two picks in each bracket. The best part about using bracket is that if you do opt for an in-app purchase you won’t be left eating ramen the rest of the month because you blew your grocery budget on dating app fees.

If I do decide to sign up for a monthly subscription, how many months am I locked in for?

One. We don’t believe in locking users into 3, 6 or 12-month contracts. If we are doing our job and helping you make meaningful and fun matches you might only need to use it for one month, so why would you pay for an additional five? Locking people into unnecessary dating app contracts is only good for, well, the dating app itself, and we think that’s bologna.

What is “Tournament Dating”?

Think of it like March Madness. Every morning 16 daters will be loaded into your bracket based on your preferences. The daters will then appear in sets of two on your screen. After reviewing both profiles you will advance one and eliminate the other. After 5 rounds of play a winner will emerge and a chat will unlock. No more mindless swiping.

What about the people I eliminate, do they know I eliminated them?

Nope! We want everyone to have fun and feel good when playing! The only person to receive a notification will be the winner, and who wouldn’t want to get that notice?

I’ve set my preferences as wide as I can, but I’m still not getting any brackets?

Please be patient with us while we grow our user base. Convincing all the fun cool daters that bracket is actually different takes time. If you are sad you can’t play check out our Instagram page @bracketdating and hopefully our silly posts will cheer you up! Stick with us!

Will you sell my information?

Absolutely, unequivocally, without a doubt, NO!

What operating system do I need?

The app was built for IOS 8 and higher.

What about Android?

We are working the kinks out in the IOS version before we build the Android version. Sorry! We know, you want to play, too!

Why do I need a Facebook account?

We never post anything on your Facebook account.  We use Facebook to verify that you’re an actual user and to help you set up your profile quickly and easily.

Who is behind this app?

Bracket was founded by Dallas entrepreneur Whitney Linscott. After being single for 6 years and exploring every dating app known to mankind (that’s probably an exaggeration) she was frustrated and determined to develop a better dating app. She wanted to make one that was not only fun to use, but very effective in making a meaningful match. “On Bracket, you always feel like a winner. Whether you’ve been chosen as a winner for another user’s bracket, or you get a chat back from your own bracket winner of the day, it feels great knowing impersonal, unconscious swiping was not involved,” said Linscott.

I want to get in touch for an interview, etc?

Feel free to reach out to admin@bracketdatingapp.com

I have more questions….

Cool, admin@bracketdatingapp.com would be more than happy to help you.