First Date Ideas To Bring The Fun Back Into Your Love Life

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Jessica Johnston

Planning the perfect first date is a daunting task. You have a million things to to think about like what to wear, what to say, and the hardest task of them all: planning what to do. If you find yourself on the typical ‘dinner and drinks’ date far too often, it might be time to mix things up a bit. Take a step outside your comfort zone and suggest one of the following first date ideas to bring the fun back into your dating life!

Get tickets to a gig. A comedy show, musical, play, or concert are all easygoing dates where you can grab a drink and enjoy a show together without feeling the pressure of constant conversation. During the warmer months of the year, city calendars explode with free outdoor events, so take your pick and bring some wine along for a fun and unique date!

Attend a sports event. If you’ve ever been to any sports event, you know how exciting the atmosphere is. Even if you don’t particularly like watching sports, you’ll be surrounded by some hilariously drunk sports fans, so it’s the perfect spot to people-watch together and have a ton of laughs. You also get hot dogs and beer, so i’d say it’s a pretty ideal place for a date!

Go for a hike. Doing something adventurous like hiking is a great way to get to know one another without any distractions. There’s no better way to break the ice than to combine the date with a fun and challenging activity. Just make sure you’re both the outdoorsy type before dragging your date on a 15 mile trek into the mountains for sunrise!

Stuff your face at a food festival. You can find food festivals, street fairs, or farmers markets pretty much everywhere when the weather starts to warm up. You’ll be able to try new foods, play games, and chat while strolling through the endless stalls. Or better yet, check out a beer and wine festival to cure some of your first date nerves!

Hit up the arcade. It may sound childish (and you’ll likely be surrounded by screaming 6-10 year olds), but arcades are fun at any age. To make the date even better, add some healthy competition into the mix: whoever gets the most tokens buys the other a drink after.

Pretend to be a tourist. Whether you decide to check out a neighboring city together or explore the area you already live in, tourist dates are a fun way to see new sights with each another. If you’ve both already seen all there is to see, then check out a new restaurant that just opened so that you can experience something new together for the first time.

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