He’s Just Not That Into You

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By Jessica Johnston

Along with being the holy grail of all dating movies, He’s Just Not That Into You offers some of the best insight into a guy’s mind when it comes to relationships. Inspired by this life changing movie, we’ve come up with 6 more typical signs that show he may not be as interested as it may seem. So if you’ve ever wondered if your guy is just *different*, or if he’s really just not that into you, read on!


  1. He never texts first. There is no excuse for never texting first, so if you’re sending double, even triple texts, stop right now. He may claim he “sucks at texting”, or “never checks his phone”, but these lies are the oldest trick in the book. Never being the first to start a conversation is a clear-cut sign that he’s just not interested in the same way as you are. Hold out for the guy who is excited to text you back. Who responds faster than the speed of light because he can’t contain his excitement to hear from you. Who texts you just to see how your day is going. These are the guys who are interested in you.


  1. You make all the plans. If a guy is into you, he will want to impress you. He will plan dates, he will invite you to events, he will talk about future things he wants to do together. When a guy seems to avoid making plans with you, red flags should be flashing and alarms should be going off in your head, because it either means he’s terrified of commitment, or he’s just not that into you – and it’s typically the latter. For all he knows, you could have plenty of other guys vying for your time, so he should be jumping on the opportunity to plan his next date with you.


  1. He’s always too busy to hang out. If this is the case, run for the hills.. and run fast! One time I ditched my brother’s high school graduation to hang out with a guy I liked. I’m not proud of it, but when you’re truly interested in someone you will make time for them. Which brings me to another point: If he’s always too busy to hang out but miraculously has time at 3am after the bars to see you, it’s a booty call and he’s not interested in a relationship. Do not settle for this type of guy.

  1. He never takes you out in public. A guy who’s interested in you will want to show you off to the world. Not to say there’s anything wrong with staying in for Netflix and take out, but if you’ve never been out to a restaurant, the movies, or frankly anywhere public together, then that’s a huge red flag. Any guy who is interested in you (and only you) will want to take you out because he will be proud to have you as his date.


  1. All he ever talks about is himself. Nothing is worse than going on a 2-on-1 date with a guy and his ego. Some people are just naturally more self-absorbed and forget conversations are a two-way street, but if this is a consistent thing you have to deal with, you need to cut the cord. A guy who is legitimately interested in you will want to know every teeny-tiny detail about you, whether it’s the good, the bad or the ugly. If all your guy talks about is his own life, then it’s pretty clear he should date himself and not you.


  1. You’ve never met his friends. As women, we go to our friends for everything. Your friends over-analyze his texts with you. They help choose your outfit for your dates. They creep his social media with you. Typically, if your friends disapprove of a guy you’re interested in, you will listen to their concerns. It’s similar when it comes to guys and their friends. Despite what they may say, they do care what their friends think about their new potential love interest, so if they’re interested in you they will introduce you.


Now we’re not saying that every guy who shows these signs is a waste of time, but just exercise common sense! If a guy is interested in you, he’ll make it known. There will be no guessing. There will be no unanswered texts or uncertainty, and there will be no question in your mind that he wants you.

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