If You Want A First Date To Go Well, Avoid These Places…

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-Jessica Johnston –

Planning a first date isn’t an easy task for anyone. Even if you’re the King of first dates, it’s still tough deciding what type of date to take that special someone on. Do you want it to be romantic? Casual? Adventurous? Fun? You probably want to take them somewhere that keeps the awkwardness to a bare minimum, but if you make it too casual, it could leave them with the wrong impression. Well, i’m here to help you figure out where NOT to take your date. The following list describes the types of dates that you should probably avoid if you want it to be a smashing success.


Your parents house

Hold your horses dude! She was freaking out enough about the first date already, but introducing her to your parents before you even know if you really like each other… big, humongous no-no! This is my personal idea of hell, because there’s nothing more intimidating than meeting a guy’s overprotective mother before you’re even in a relationship with him. My tip: Save the family introductions until later on… way later on.


The movie theatre

Movies are the best place to learn a whole lot of nothing about your date. You sit in the dark in almost complete silence for two hours, trying to make quick little comments to each other when there’s not a super loud action-filled scene going on (which is pretty much never). And then one of you will inevitably get the impulse to hold the other’s hand, which is a sweet gesture but almost guaranteed to result in a terrible wrist cramp and sweaty hands.


A wedding

Weddings are not, I repeat, NOT the place for a first date. You’ll have to color-coordinate, spend way too much money, introduce him to the family far too soon, and have to endure the ever-so-awkward “Aww how long have you been together”…. ABOUT 20 MINUTES GRANDMA, THANKS FOR ASKING. Not to mention you’ll have to control your liquor intake so your sloppy drunk alter-ego doesn’t come out to play, so that makes the wedding far less fun for you.

Group outings with your friends

It might seem like a good idea having some friends around to eliminate any awkwardness of the dreaded two-on-one date, but group outings should be avoided until bare minimum a few dates in. As awesome as we assume your friends are, there’s already enough pressure on a first date as it is. Throwing in the extra stress of impressing your friends could be too much too soon, because after all, your friend’s opinions pretty much seal the deal on the potential of any new relationship.



Being cold, wet, and isolated in the wilderness is not an ideal first date for anyone except maybe Bear Grylls. If a guy were to tell me he wants to take me camping for our first date, i’d just naturally assume he’s a serial killer and going to murder me in the woods.


A fast food restaurant

Nothing screams “friendzone” like thinking you’re being taken out on a nice romantic dinner date only to be taken to the local McDonald’s. Despite my low-key obsession with Big Mac’s, I still don’t want to be taken to a place with a ball pit and screaming 5-year-olds. If you’re determined to impress her through food without having to spend the big bucks, take her to a cooking class instead. It takes the pressure off the first date conversation since you’ll have an activity to focus on, and you’ll also learn how to make some scrumptious food, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

A religious event

Save the hallelujahs for farther down the line, because you should never mix a first date with religion unless you know for a God-given fact that you’re both on the same page. Religion can be an iffy topic for some people, so it’s best to avoid any potentially uncomfortable situations and skip over the church date for now.

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