Single on Valentine’s Day? Make a Show of Love

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By Special Guest Contributor – Michelle Peterson

That time of year is coming up…you know, the holiday that all of your coupled up friends get to celebrate. It’s the holiday that single people are so against they they’ve nicknamed the day after “Singles Awareness Day.” If you’re about to spend this Valentine’s Day without a lover in your life, you can use this day to celebrate self-love, friend love, or family love instead. And you can do it in a budget-friendly way while your coupled-up friends are going on pricey dates and buying expensive gifts.

Show Love To Others

Give gifts. Just because you’re not buying a stuffed teddy bear and candy for a date, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy gift giving. You can still buy inexpensive gifts for friends or craft something special for the people who matter the most to you.

Send “love” notes. No, this isn’t a suggestion to send your secret admirer a love letter (although, you can do that if you’re feeling inclined!). This is a great time to mail love notes to your friends and family. Thanksgiving and Christmas aren’t the only holidays when you can express how you feel to loved ones. Your friends and family would appreciate hearing it on Valentine’s Day as well. The only expense for this thoughtful action is a card and a stamp.

Call your parents. Your parents would probably love to hear from you on Valentine’s Day. After all, they were the first people you ever loved — and the first who ever loved you. Phone calls are priceless, and they go a long way. Pick up the phone and send them your best wishes on Valentine’s Day.

Show Love to Yourself

Go on a solo date. You know which relationship is the most important in your life? The one you have with yourself. Show yourself some love and self-care by treating yourself to a solo date, such as your favorite meal or a massage.

Spoil yourself with a gift. “Spoiling” doesn’t have to mean going broke or over-indulging, but it also doesn’t have to mean buying yourself chocolate. Treat yourself to something you’ve been wanting for a while, whether it’s a technology upgrade or a nice skincare set. Target promo codes and cash rebates will help lessen the overall cost of the item that you buy.

Show Yourself a Good Time

Have an Valentine’s get together. Your single friends are probably looking for something fun to do and a way to get their minds off of riding solo this year. Why not get the crew together for a Valentine’s Day party? To save money on throwing this shindig, DIY or buy cheap decorations, set out some candy in bowls, and ask everyone to BYOB.

Go out and meet someone new. If you’re not into romantic gestures but you still want to have flirty fun, grab a friend and head to the bars where other singles are hanging. You might even find a Singles event at a local nightlife spot. Drink costs can add up, but you can pace yourself or sip on one drink the entire night to keep the costs down.

Go on a first date. Up until now, every suggestion has been along the lines of “you don’t need a date.” But maybe you do need a one…or at least you want someone to connect with. Set up a low-budget, casual date with someone you met on a dating app to see if sparks fly. They might even become your Valentine for next year.

Rather than spending money on expensive dinners and plush animals, your money can be spent on lunch for one or a low-key night. If you don’t want to spend any money at all, simply tuck in for the night with Netflix and dinner. Being single means you don’t have to share the remote and you get to pick the meal.

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