What To Do When Your Dating Life Has Hit Rock Bottom

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Jessica Johnston

Whether you see it coming from a mile away or get completely blindsided, dating eventually knocks us flat off our feet. When your love-life finally hits rock bottom, you realize how far off-course you’ve been all this time. I mean, were you really about to settle down with that ex-con with the face tattoo? If your love life has reached an all time low and you’re wondering how in the world you’re going to pick yourself up again and re-enter the dating scene, then this blog is for you.


  1. Evaluate the guys you’re going after
    You seem to be the Taylor Swift of bad relationships lately and can’t figure out where the heck you went wrong. If your instinct is to “fix” every guy you’re with, then you need to evaluate your approach to relationships and think about why you’re attracted to certain guys. By going after guys who you think need changing, you could be unintentionally sabotaging yourself before the relationship even starts.

  2. Start practicing self-love
    We’ve all heard the saying “You can’t love someone else until you love yourself.” It’s one of those phrases that often gets thrown at you as advice, but is rarely contemplated. When you actually take the time to think about it though, it’s pretty spot-on. If you don’t respect, honor, appreciate, and love yourself, then how are you going to do all that for another human being?

  3. Reevaluate your “deal breakers”
    Are your deal breakers realistic, or are they almost completely unattainable? Nobody is perfect, but if you’re consistently holding out for someone who hits each and every check mark, then you run the risk of never finding The One. Some deal breakers aren’t always what they seem, and others can change over time. When I was 14, I saw it as a deal breaker if a guy didn’t have frosted tips in his hair… I basically was holding out for 1999 Justin Timberlake. Ten years later and i’m happy to say I have grown out of that phase in my love life, and no longer find bleach blonde highlights attractive. My point is, all deal breakers need some re-evaluation at some point in your life, so don’t rule a guy out if he doesn’t pass your laundry list of check marks.

  4. Talk to other people about their relationship experiences
    Think about all the relationships you’ve had, whether they’ve been good, bad, or even life-changing. Once you realize that every single one of your friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc. have had their own personal dating experiences, you start to see just how much advice they all must have. Chances are, they’ve hit rock bottom in their dating life at some point or another too, so they’ll be there to help you get back on your feet again!


  1. Give yourself a clean slate
    Stop texting guys you’re not interested in. Stop hooking up with the exes who screwed you over. Stop dwelling over the guys who will never commit. Just cut ties and start fresh, because these guys are not worth any more of your time and energy. So before you get all cozy there on rock bottom, give yourself a clean slate because a fresh start is exactly what you need to pick yourself up and get yourself back on your feet.

  2. Make a mental note of what you want – and need – in a partner
    Reflect on your previous relationships and figure out exactly what you needed from them that you never received. Whatever you need, whether it’s commitment, affection, honesty, etc., don’t let yourself settle for anything less anymore.

  3. Download a dating app
    If your dating confidence has hit rock bottom, it’s time you download a new dating app. And i’m not talking about an app where you swipe and swipe and swipe until your eyes are about to fall out of your head. I’m talking about an app that will restore your faith in men again and bring back that confidence you thought was gone for good. Bracket will do just that. Each time you receive a message from a handsome Bracket hunk, you’ll know that he bypassed 15 amazing women, just for you! Now that’s something that’s sure to get your confidence in dating sky high again.

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